Tuesday, November 11, 2008


savages cluster the shrine
in bouquets of striped snail shells
fatagaga fatagaga

one tall savage, taller than any other
makes his tiny fist cry tears
fatagaga fatagaga

one tiny savage, smaller than any other
makes an ambiguous figure from a galactic prepuce
fatagaga fatagaga

savages cluster the shrine
whose columns are chutes of fishes emitting bird vapors
fatagaga fatagaga

one average savage, about the same as the rest
says he sees a comet made of chairs
fatagaga fatagaga

i hide my camera in an enormous spinach wig
squeezing a rubber baby head now and again
to set off twin giant antler flashes

they think i am a visiting shaman come to see
the sleeping-speaking-head of fatagaga fatagaga

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