Thursday, April 19, 2012


Begin he feeble
On the albionic lith
But with electrickal bread
Its great grey song
Is enclosed
Cool loam the force
Of actual quiet
With sable yeast the sky
Embrace all static
The purple tremor evade
Allo-auto / Auto-allo
Its name configured deed
Gizzard before truth
Morgana before the sword
Its child the thermostat
Of a concealed fixing
Bitting the blade
Ear shape to be
A stone in the water
Of a renaloid basin
Whose Erythropoietin
Agglandizes all jejunum
In heavenly Aumot
Cross differ the curtain
Its depth to the doubled
Into amorphous bottles
Like plasma
To the Tablet of Cebes
@ Latched in holiness
Atlachinolli transumptive
The tempters discuss
Allo-auto / Auto-allo
Hyperphrades to sing this
Vitals warp works
Again she febrile
Against the elegant dinosaur
Quartz horned but separated
To the thin green bones
Of its cadences, decades, the flutter
Of its long-legged bit
To listen upon the well
And marvel at the blowhole
And stand across the valley
Two mirrors what enclosed
Included lacunarcana
And fuels the coneys

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