Monday, April 23, 2012

with cat drool on my fingers

i ran back over the events of that evening
when terror was born in me
now, now / and fuck, the bridge of my nose
is exceedingly sore / when i accidentally
discovered two [agnts[ of Mossad
among us

a Canadian Czech
"computer expert"
the other 
a Minnesota Amazon
"lady doctor"

and how i found them -when
telling them in no uncertain terms
how the vicissitudes of the sujet
are constructed by a cryptic geometry
known since ancient times
by secret practitioners of the occult
the all going tat tvam asi
is the same dialectic as ping pong

the serve:

this (toss
is (initial paddle strike
that (initializing bounce

net / transit

this is that. (return

and at that point I was struck on the nose
and like a cliche out of a movie
i felt nothing until 
one full day later

when my nose was shattered.

(a warning?)
and don't be all 'occult sage'
to strangers..

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