Thursday, April 19, 2012

Follow Well, Follow Only (En Plo)

bonum est diffusivum sui.. 
-Plotinic maxim

Even awe must return home to gravity, to
Order holding trace, the hairheads
Lollygag about the poles finding nothing
Interesting, something interesting
Is already there, and its succor, may knots,
Be overcome, red bread news,

And slyly in finigris, gudd
Swale memory to conclude
The sopped up apportioning pew
Where the purpose groundlessly constructs
In lieu of pongueur

The traipse, the hairheads trapeze upon
Any specific brain reveals the same essential
Monatomy, mice foment bricks
And composition to regulate a cryptic
Labyrinth whose entrance is exit, and whose
Exit coexists with object, or drone

Exists rummagingly lightlightly, the gag
Goes on, storehouse after house
Store, gangland riot rhythms ponder (padding, critique)
Shocking kinetic clay, the karate’ of aftershave
Warp through Etruscan wave painting
lily ozone minimal grand prairie baccharnalia (lo, zone, etc.)

house frown.
Triode t’wan Lenore (raising hands in a gesture of ecstatic hulloo)
Freeform basket to house the core
Meeting her dimple heart good grasp
And passing before the great and germane egg
Of all that passes into it

Fleet, rectangular
Disembodied romance
Entangles what may become
A prism for magnetism
Housed inside its nondescript eye

Cyclops mangled before priest
Onlookers wear painted lead masks

Code for statue
Be aware
Energy is occluded
And it comes to a final conclusion
This is piped around
Where the hairheads mix
In their beakers by the Styx

Feather punish
Miniature kin
Discursive fin
Activate random
Genetic pathway

Omen room
For de/determined

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