Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Melanorrhœa usitatissima

I love the tall glass
orange eggs in clam shelled gas
emitted from the tortured grass
by thems thats thems thats thematoid

warped flung
flinging twang or singing
its invo-luting red spinal theorbones
to swag in this diadem mad

I love the tall catharsis
fountain forlorn what's borne among
the mountain's horn
this fountain like a telescopic tree
and in each knee or joint a siren bathes
in simple wee

to Busby Berkely
and camels
to Switzerland
and camels
to Argentina
in their high lace framed

picture glass mountains
under the sea
the remnants of that vast and silent knee
the jawboned ass of kraken
purloins me in federal fetialis
ode upon a dandelion's
last mechanick servile

he puffs
he puffs
he husbands her husbandry
he hushes before the shoe
of the great laundress
blank astro-baa and
democracy is yet a disease
which murders the alphabet
preserves it differently than you
code collector commentate

what broche' could carry
absolute consensus but airtreeglassgrass
come may come
come elenge trevisa goon and sorry
come loud eernesful a langue
allange, a chase to betwore
fix floor first with Aristotle in babies
grotesque replaced with grolieresque
and cooing out to these fanfare limbs

hang a hat to the interstages
ideal issue of jet judder minimal mosaicene
and good company
modern mutant Nemo

mutate motorless nigger okimono octants
and pasteurize the pedestal where Lamia
puts her personal pin
numberless in the din
post-synchretic pirates us all preem pray
a quantum quarreller whose rasping repairs

all recombinant remboîtage
all dairy heckle pond and mistaken flume
its slope of smoldering skeletons blew
solo to the soarer in the new

and squeeze spiral godille
from arabesques in snowy lays

We learned to ski
like a snake in the scree
coot fardel gan
its lippy nail peaked
prodigal ruff-peck pickle
theck and what unwrang
this hachis
this fair sannyasi's far wail

whinny steps in the whole
of the cobra

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