Monday, April 2, 2012


Stochastic electrodynamics,
Lovers and madmen,
Women and things,

Are all rushing-by so-brain,
All rushing-by-so-brain-

Sun education
Rich imagination

That perceives,
That understands

For what ever reason
The cooler! (the klink)
The flowers! (think)

In its meadow
Where the bacchae

High pink on chrome,
The final sphere,
Electrostatic self-energy.

Venerable castration,
You separate and rejoin
The critical radiation:

anyway Aristeas autolysis auxin bird blood breathe burn calm cheek child Cimmerian cloud comes COUNTER-EARTH Croesus Damazan dark dream earth event horizon face fade fall fear feel fire FIRE LIZARD flame folded frost genetic gentle goes gradient grass green hear heart hill hold hope hydroxy land leave less light lipid live look mark metal metonymic motion night Outwash pale passion past path photons Phytol plant Pleistocene protein question rain ready rest rise round running back Scythians sense sequence shade shadow shews shine shouts silence sleep slip snow song sound spread stand star stone stop stream street thing Tip tip touch trees true trust turn twist wait walk warm watch wavefront wind wish

Euripides after De Chirico Obscured by Flowers No. V
Oil on Linen
72 x 54 x 2 inches

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