Tuesday, April 10, 2012

no count slab (bowler twins as owl in kneecap

carve a mandrake of porphyry
and lay it tuloksetta bine
a long cold ass ajeela
for thawi jawi

and sake' oofligino
if cherub on a silken flag
for subtle sag Climacograptus
and groan its heavy hand
wordsworth and de quincey
to inspect the hanging man
insert before wild koala
and art deco ceramic bamboo

in conduit speech is realized
indifferentiation toward
a mystic ontology
before the poem as word (word borne)
instead of being transcribed
for word is being transcribed
two fat wrens on a wire
peck and rotate
rotate and peck

gregorian chanteuse
w'cabrear itself a wreck
before the aging fine
guts hung up suprene fon
cataleptic jaguar
hugs the tree alone
skinless cougar phone
saber tooth skeleton
in amber for a block
of moss kōdei

arcing Katherine
cost (toward heaven)
you get loose
in its animal
engender truths upon it
let low averages remain
sleep tender female bodies
its stock market
apple dithyrambic
Signore Papini Carotaggio
apple orange
fig coo fig or figure boon high
watermelon shoe assommare
the will to believe, unluckily
thick blue lip plug too
eye sad to simple planet as drawing
but drawing does its dare
on wheels of silver hair
Die erhöhung des vorgefundenen

nonrefundable voraciousness
forgetfulness overdependent

banshee shoving back the armor
the slovenly pair
9 million BC
because it can nipple-tooth
euglena decibel
starfish ancestors

man woe am homost
namawamawe girlufot fuh
caryatid enquêter in mustard glue
is seed a pixel
of screeching dew?

roary orrery
they wobble and itch
feud for bitch
in steamy tomb
white opium
in lacy egg
hollow hulking
hat's off
the sea at Palavas
denkmittel forage fatum

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