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It was a lost cove, where two or three fine canoos had lodged, carrying their skeletal remains from sub-distant epochs; one of them, not much more than a memory of goods with a bygone form, the other two, dry as summer grass, cocoons of sticks and feathers, and tattered textiles, the primal passenger itself, mayhaps rendered visible from the activation of the eschatologically requisite birds, who had long since made a shrine of pemmican in their endless unknown routes.

At one point in time, it appeared as if the cove had attempted to modulate an entrance to the surrounding mangrove, but the most promising feature at this point was a large irregular sandbar with some scrubby, stunted nameless tropical hardwoods as residents, and an enormous bell nearly 20 foot tall but whose presence confounded all measure, for there were no churches for 3000 or more miles, and none of those up to the stature of this particular bell, whose chthonic, cyclopean presence called for odd, and anonmumblussed At-lant-ean associations somehow attenuated by the stark white crust of gull scat atop its blackened crown, whose salient architecture contrasted ironico-hermetically the whishy waspy hululaps of the wind through dreaming palm trees. No waves could enter its darkness, no sound would ever ensue, but what tall tolling resounded in the wreck!

The beach of the cove was a fortune in wrack, for every possible kind of sea-bean, squid spirula, and mermaid purse had found its way here, porous stones, mummy clods, and crystal baby hands infiltrated by phosphorescent algae, and like the grotesque flooded nest of  an improbable Metagonian Roc, the trash itself had over the years built up into a chambered filter-like accretion, an alchemical stomach reliquary, a pome of great and unknown hypophysial dereptus:

bis kogi fie doon
encore copy Bala District
Poverty Point GROCERIES
Corn No Vl J UOF ot Ot All
AV mill Willow of it S
17 one door thn Pint How
yard Foil bird Silks Foil
I A new Plain tic
The liffbt breeze was fine forthe
two leading sloops, especiully
the Vixen, who ATTTR (nee Gather)
-September 24, 1017 f the late Jama

BUFFALO Hata and to Eowabo T
Chievo exploded Sheila
cow but aor. Cogay manner
and wrote accordingly:
FINE, large fonr-story boase
uiui iiii-n iud i'll a
Return r th kel* lill
f.".0' iii ri 11 rae s-ium
t'mt i nel ber callie
Ingrain Carpet for twenty-five cents
Miue Hill wm. Icilemtor and
Impacts of industrial effluents on Asan

Slorc's cease-fire
Wai-on Phoon and
some fine lots facing on Shrewsbury Avenue
Falling Fire − Countdown:
āno; beżo, ডীম, ḍīm, ডিম, ḍim, aṁḍā,
īṁḍuṁ, vezë, ᾠόνfire, fogo, fogo,
fuego, foc, huec, fuòc, feu, dife
nahar, نهر, nahr, xmara, wŏnz,
webi, mto, dex, odò, sūcīmarkab
zawraq, dgħajsa, barka, jirgi, chombo...

Frédéric rue de Montesquiou
Hwa Bhaalgorn now Professor of Botany
at tbe Royal College in tbe Mauritius
and along the Jumna; common ciliatis
calycem aequantibus, dentibus calycinU
wbukids tuboribuf, Icod to the ravaur
Shatter, Yes^ I believe it might be
there, or there-abouts
(It{fmrinf!ta Urfui^tti'obet (£ni(?tl,>unj)«

A paît from. Ino'heavy fire
owing' to petrol pouring on'to the roadway.
The accident was caused by the lorry coming into
disgraceful Nicholas had foin chances
missed off bowling' off suo cosive balls
With live fine clipper barque DUNEDIN.
508 tons roglBtor, now on ker voyage from
Now. Zcttlard cedar nails, Bishop cats
PARC GUTENBERG Immo von Dustembrook
leoha b I lokakta k ... u~ brr krz
o;oQJ{juna iIZ bsr hllia ~rp," Cocukl
fair Acid Fire Acid Inu-Yasha Acid
Klown Acid Rain Acid Rayne Acid Samurai
Lisa Dracula Lisa
Agent Teter in curtoo figurines
wiederveröffentlichung mittels
liquent per ordineni in ijuoflain rotulo
0, Monna_Vanna und Sonic
Sajni Deewani Sari Umar Ab Main Tere Naam Kar
3 frog fejervarya werd wierp eein gtnojö ten steen
Saving Graces Curse Milt Silbermond

Narrative paradigm
Narrative thread
Narrative verdict
Narre Warren Fire Brigade
Narrgnistor En halv böj blues
och andra ballader Narrillos
del Álamo SILICON 6652 FLARED
Tussi Great Ho the thunder hns
fallen, The sun rise on. ...
... it wants me' to ilm pouco
dé histro; é, còm â pri- takea
liltle ballast ; after that
E hai^-beurde. ...... LOGO 6.
Vara e«erevêr« It thunders. It Ughtens

O Rush já causou
todo o tipo de rebuliço sobre
o novo disco Clockwork Angels
O vídeo foi dirigido por Owe
chamado The Mystic And The Muse
Ghazal Layihayataaikazalechalichale
Devido a arrogância de Thor
From these data it appears that
an AII-responsible region is located
in the SacI–BanI fragment
logo image. Logo of molcellb
Moreover, we identified the
La autoantigen as binds the 3′
of PAMIRNA in vivo in vitro
bale bali balk ball balm balu banc
Deep Purple neovascularized
Lakhmid tribes among Tecknarna

Yatuvosa matanivola
Tutti hanno diritto di manifestare
il proprio pensiero con le parole,
lo scritto e ogni mezzo
sponders alle mono-e poli-terapie
squamous part of the temporal
fragilis carnosum una volta apprezzare
It seems to me to be
refridgerator cornrow rhinestone headbands
pune singles photoluminescent escape route
criterio di nyquist southwind motor home merideth
aspire visa gold card
crochet wedding ring doily pattern
Both brothers are sitting on the
fire escape outside of their Harlem apartment
escapee escapement escapism escapist
escargot escarole politicize politicized
politicking politico politics polity
polka poll pollack pollen
We want to find it; we use it as therapy

"Breaking Bad" features Jesse Pinkman
Pokemon soul silver action replay codes
It ees not gen−air−al−lee known—zat
zees dees−tin−guished tenor vos heest on
a wood—a table laid for forty−eight guests
Also remember that rabbits enjoy digging
the earth is the center of the universe
ersatz errors erupt
solidness's hypnoses persecutions
Kanchenjunga fungi doily career hearten
I grabbed the lowest rung Visakhapatnam
acting like strangers, ran into the church backyard
by road onwards by road onwards
Está más confundido que un borracho bebiendo champú.
Go now if you want solitude
the runaway bestselling socio-bio-politico-anthropological
analysis of the calligrapher's brush
virtual virtually virtue virus visa
viscous visible vision visit visitor visual
war world 2 love poems, uboniks
tells how to escape the psibylls
Her hair is wild on the first day
Inseparable Reductionist
roister painting screeched
subtext rapacious tyrannic
apogee trusses extents
angular inseparably kingship
absenting informada thigh entirety tutor
to relinquish śpiew paginalis adamsdrakt
chombo vy inclinator monologheremmo
's pickled garlic blueskull anthrocyanins

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