Friday, April 6, 2012

soignée génoise

Noticing converging threads, in the moving caesura whose window houses a cryptic roundelay whose form can only be glimpsed as an ambiguous arabesque calling to mind imperfect likenesses, analogies, perfidiously joyous allegories, loins severed from all emblem and milked for wholeness, a science of the prosaic:

'Life is primarily a planet, possibly one like our own, or one radically different, but life's existence is, as far as we know a planetary phenomenon,'

or, in another moment of turning, the gem-like window of absence's fabricam might seem rearranged, for primacy's lure is the shifting behind all allurement, contour touring itself in the space of sui generis, in the guise of echoes, a soignée génoise whose status as a patrician of the city has been reordered into a body without organs, and just as all species of plants, animals, minerals, and events, are in essence co-blended by foundation, so too, may singular voices from distant epochs become a single voice, or a single phrase, or even
a singular event, a something-with mimicking a translation between conatus and libido:

'What the body can do no one hitherto has determined. No one has yet understood the construction of the body so accurately as to be able to explain all its functions, not to mention that many things are observed in brutes which far surpass human ingenuity, and that sleepwalkers in their sleep do very many things that they would not dare to do awake: all this showing that the body itself, simply from the laws of its own nature, can do many things which its own mind [ipsius mens] is amazed at.'

Ipsius mens universalis, it's own mind universal, something-with, phys-is, caesura as caesaura, the Lucretian intracule, whose content's formal probability of being glimpsed is the song of an unvoiced quality in extensis:

'Critique is the philosophical art of pure chemistry.'

Schlegel echoing Spinoza (spinnows, spinooze, nous spine, noscapine), Whitehead, the soignée planetary génoise, or Venusian Venetian, each, a model of the phrase in the window of absence posited as a philosophy, or philosofür of organism, an impersonal chimera, chaomare', a sea of chaos whose space is founded upon the paradox of boundaries, Charles Olson's "high energy construct," Ezra Pound's "poem." Energy transcending, overwhelming opposition, duality, with opposition, duality, difference, indifference, valuation, error, genius, a proliferation of cascading non-linearities directed against the fallacy of simple locations by the deployment of the fallacy of simple locations, desiring machines, provocative terminologies, unity as prehensile prehensievity, schitzo-analysis, bubbles, foam, a grotesque synaesthesial ambrosium of enthralling nimbus, avatarial exigetes arguing in the monadic substance-kraft, einbildungskraft, Do What Thou Wilt, the social, asocial contract, viral kunstvoll, volley, yell of ichor's rival blood line, the earth-infant, its nature transfigured, nature permitting, nature objecting, into another body, which is fitted for many things, and unfit for much, polymorphous perversity, a line, a contour, a history made by historicity, constriction as construction, power, perfection, virtue, domination, damnation, love goo. The alchemical body is a body not purely individual, not purely mental, not purely intended, the body of our planet is ontic, a vortical Geworfenheit, a casting of rough hewn dice in an empty colloseum by a post-humanoid dream Kerberos whose three heads cryptically announce a Baconian common grammar, an interpersonality founded in ecstatic loneliness, a mystic morality of Thelemic sponge cake, a will to bake at will wild variations of the Plotinic tele-academy, a burning heretic, any one will do, like a blow-torched brown sugared ham on a warm pre- Easter Friday, a good  Friday, a post-fore-shadowing, a post for sha-doing, Beguine Marguerite Porete, burnt at the stake on June 1st, 1310, for writing a book called "The Mirror of Simple Souls"..

Our World Reflects that title.

There are no mediary beings, only things-with in a matrix of ominous and incalculable soliditease.

Begin the Beguine, and put an empty frame round all ethernity...

(elegant cake; genesis)

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