Thursday, April 12, 2012

Decent Cliches

The passions
The lines
The sound as feeling
dies / keep your laws off my
Tyrannosaurus Rex (scenes of 1968)
Frankenstein 1989
Simple minds ? transit

Inca babies
The lines come home
spherical objects: elliptical

prism in your vagina
hot curving flashlight from
the rectum curving forward
beam / being

ocean pollutists
the moodists
I don't care what people say
strict tempo dreadlock
deal in wedlock
Nation of Ulysses P. Power

We means we
man the lifeboats
strike out the tablets
lungs you page to valiant
mind's a magnet bizarro

ski patrol
live out my stars
march of the eligible
edible bachelors
nude descending a
case of stares, O Nico

chunk voice (stranger)
indoor reptiles (dizzy)

Sally go round the blue orchids
long night out, long night out, 1980
pain teens, i got boned, i
am the stranger from out of town

living, phreak
i'm lost in the yard
they don't want me, ant me (swimmer)
Carthage [to] Cathay
(the long way)

dogs a different me
earth songs lad (dirge the gorilla monsoon
island of paques

everything swell(s)
the true wheel kill (1978)
byzanteen dell
don't trip out

hot brimstone sex so confusing
urban metal zero
choci loni in trousers
find magazines which
got no soul


blank faced gymnast
dirty brain emotional
dealing in the lone star state
the passions

beat meat
in the creepers
reason your song again
typical coolies on

the prisoner
takes wine from the litter

commerciality polite
decoration no more fiction

suicide to
the ray of pants

(start at the bottom click start on each one and let it go)

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