Tuesday, April 17, 2012


friend to drake and
lasting treasure's on
its confusion before the face
nor swan for grace to
hyle and isle each terror
to marriaged dew become

faun now lightly go
the yard to weep with
electric prods the deep
without your helmet to glow
wild radiant blizzards of color
if odor twists its lizard

mow now handy the curly
tale of swine, tusks of wine we
dine Bosch-like upon shivering eggs
our table-tablet to the cuckoo / pen

head and sail
the market breath
enclose all snail bereft of
death, and let the corybantrick
surface flow to the brink
illuminations think this sound alone
woolid weave, and if
and if there were an object to lean

on any day the cuckoo's borne
toward lavish thorns an aeromodellista
such that basilisks any stone replacement
imp's power over poison
and cloister
a tape tapestry groved over
where the crazing sufflues
the barm and its feast of yeast

stew all
for elliptic


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