Sunday, April 8, 2012

long chain polymer analogs (sphericull beggar tusks remain(

cargo code
pink diamond in the road
hosanna yarpevas on the highest
the spherical beggars
its monumental angels
in meniškasis wonder

torrential bodies
chav in containment
the whole of substance
augura wills a name

lanky flame mean ad phanero
stakes its flaite claim
on goal'd igruse moon tan
blat aizzarne piantonare

the human image perhaps is not human at all
but from an older lineage
and these thin scouts or races as you call them
part of a vast orchestra (exterior cochlea helmets (bah-ju-vonn
of five pronged wheels
munientibus leginnovatívabb

perhaps the angels
are vain
gopnik in their black glass abodes
their interfinities bent around the frame
zephyraphym sostituirne

let the great illuminations pour forth
let all life to be its genius torch
and storm song wizards faun the witch horse glides
electric swarms and robot tides

all doctrine endékatoi
cannot match the doctrine air

reign matter bogan
the body of a local
angel 卷烟 (onion-juǎnyān-unio)

astrangularo peace perverse
or swerving anything
fragile puny thing
they surf in swift conflections
more agile by quantifom
luciferage sufferage
pitää puhe

her wrinkle
feoff on a clue atravessando
through green and loping puzzle worlds
elephantine clod conçoivitives
ritmereste a trackless endium
to tepsiä synethreti

yes 42
to graph emulsifier
if pisciare of echoic origin
katahenohedra nunataq

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