Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bare Code Drong, Bode Fong Loop

laboring inside
the dirigible acid
as thin boys
placed bubbles onto
humming machine tops
its arm could
come rambling a
hundred elbows
suspended in rainbow
discolored milk
pink fleas
we labor to the
balloon of its
speech murk brittle
wig-kerneled slaves
of brittle wig-
kerneled lava a
glass egg hovers
pressurized by gas
and images play
across its surface
now green metal
sleeps in a skeleton
around transparent
girls, nothing is,
nothing isn't
chameleonic chirality
inverts its formal
symptom and the whole
construction so densely
unitied, mirror kissing
mirror to construct some
something lay Cheshire
escarpment apartments
rearranging entrance
kissing exist
these blue canyons
of baked foam that hush
the engine beneath
here we cut out costumes
in the breath
and gasp as
diminutive machines
make light
its great
unbridled chest
away wen won a
kosmon feathers in
twisting flicker frames
their sport to complicate

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