Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nepotism Part 1

Etymology dot com
eat 'em oology

yoked to logos:

She, or maybe he'd say:

There's a sandwich in the fridge.
It should still be good.
A little ham, some finocchiona,
some fresh tomato, and a little
arugula and mustard,

a thin slice of some nameless
Spanish cheese
which of course does have a name.

Channel 8 doesn't come in.
Go out for your own wine.

A skin book
turns paradise
where the leather windows
the external human ear
of a dolphin

a fireplace is miniaturized
brought to life
and it hovers
blinking according to language

a green triple helix
appears in the living room

the painter

the hour of its death
is past
the whole afterlife
or afterbirth
the whole long inflating


the cat licks the rim

There's lemonade left, too.


Weird god like soap


the gold is everywhere
it oozes
and extrudes in octagonal ingots

the miners go crazy
their bones like transparent golden glass

until the shining thing
like an incandescent robot
of constellated machine glyph
steps from the wall

and the screaming miners peer into the

endless baroque galleries of melted golden stalagia


old agia

he starts to play the drum
on the face of a mannequin.

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