Thursday, July 1, 2010

Michael Jackson Used 19 Aliases To Get Drugs

etym vathechis

painting with your mustache
while entering this
goncourt, well,
everybody can play
connect the animal dots
on hierarchy teevee.

during the construction of the dam,
when the uniquely cumbersome
and comely manager had to
pull up iron britches the
length and width of
the historic nile, the still
smoking dumps of ancient
rome, its face
was extended in the manner
of the classic akira,
and by that I suppose
an organic pop extrusion!

let's add glitter fins
and little feathered, fevered
(oh hell, favored, flavored)
mechanical things
inside of veins, or if you want

little mer-vikings
can come out [...]

lavender, and
flecked with tiny shattered bits
of abalone coinages.

they can sit blankly in the trellis
holding books upside down
but still reading

the way a paper cut
in the corner of an eye
goes twinkling out away from shore

two ships
which rugae in the nought;

the wars upon cylinders
that went on in the world of fiction
and those strange looking women
that attend them;

now then, who made this screaming bust
which is also a silly-string canon?

You see the farmer on the horizon,
big pill in pitchfork:

big silent black cube thinking.
big silent black
ocean cube


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