Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ernst Krenek / Early Newman Jughead

Now I see that what is familiar,
the witch in the cat by the photograph
in the way~

"Frankly Scarlet, I don't give a damn.."

Not to mention the message behind it,

Royal typewriters and
Royal vacuums could both be involved

a window laid down over the instrument
an instrument laid down over a land

the typewriter as if an agency
sucking the cranium
of whitewashed bricks
which bild
witch build

picture the rocking chair
or the R's fatal shape
the leg to support
by animal extension
anything relational

Carsten Höller

little boy peeing
and from empty pages
we proceed

the statue hollowed
and hooked up interminably
to the royal vaccum

eye-holed sucking
nipple pin-holes sucking
vagina or cock-hole sucking
asshole sucking
and even the folds of skin

thieve's argot
the tughra
and the modern interstate

a low velvet pile
upon the thinking its

head like a cannister on wheels
and the long hose-like schnozz

you pompous idiot, "very mysterious"?
Do you think I'd never sail them?

úbuo eshunt wasl
ilem mesh meth lais
ysc afid dzo, eme.


Simon Magus
the raised letters
on the hide of the snake
click harshly and catch
on the corners of my teeth

his head is strapped down
and he is forced to glean
the messages of the gods
by listening to the skins
of snakes with the ears
of his teeth,

a purely personal torture / paradise,
the joke
of an underworld

red noose.
dead lore rowing,

google: meth lab loofah
page 205.

Now I see that what is familiar,
as vein on view is beautiful,
as sky-colored blood goes dueling
the impotent dog
must fuck and fail
in its own mouth...

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