Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pogwomb's Mugshoft

Enter the velour party-weevil
Johnny Quest
the shaving cream turban
is washed away

jet riot beer
surfing suspended arc
viking foam gliders'
dirigon mihark

googon blockabloy tombossy
the towle disspensing halon

turkey sleek
pet chrome baker tail
the lee jerry mumford faucet
love fish bite corral

the smoke of glyph surfers
interconnecting martini chihundle
rob rubber nailed cob handled skull

koo kang

crab immortal sidepipe mutton chops
horse longitude jester nomadic face holes
blowhole constant navel eye flange
goat pastry with moth feather eyelid flange-cakes

to qualng
be king kalng
gobo tong bunting rub a lung

fog knockers
gettin' grey glass
long its ceramic compass riddle

thing signal
swimming watusi
polyvalent scriabinonce

You come out of that bamboo snake box
Johnny Quest

the wooly crag of eight-fingered
bee trees

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