Monday, July 12, 2010

Boxing With a Giant Banana

there is a long grey brain
like a handle like a stain
like a cock or like a pain
a headless jain
shooting flaming roosters
into the main vein

on a stone dylan thomas table.

there is a roman in a tree
sucking like a bee
at my knee
but with a dorsal bristle cache

there is a vampire in the lake
baking a cake
and watching tv

there are three
chinese nipples in my pee
like fresh hot yeast rolls
they investigate
spy rings
for satan's brother ernie

there is a long great bray
like a stony oni's pay
rough and twisted like a root

like a foot

I write a love letter
to Wahiri in my dream
but mismell his name

Wha? hear? y?
Or maybe its just a
thank you, not.

My jaw, like some
ancient and stupid donkey
stands its ground.

I am made of rain:
The original
and still the best
like a hotdog cannon in a futurist vest

I bet you never seen a showgirl
in yellow velvet
eat fried chicken shaped like a brain

imagine a lion showgirl
with a fried mushroom mane
or a broccoli
printing with its head in blue ink
a kind of toad's call
to the drink

i could make you say yuck
with mud colored
catfish caviar

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