Friday, July 2, 2010

Despeniscoladas (Those Who Hurles Their Penises from cliffs into Penis Colladas)

Father Cogolludo, though
never confusing the misa milpera
with this miso milarepa
nonetheless also never understood
the exact dynamic of the rebellion
of the Bakhalal.

Jestsun Pozole'.

Later ages have come to be magified.
In Cancuc a cross descended from the sky
surrounded by many lights.

"The Great Gazoo can cook."

There is messianism, and then there is

messianism, but you could stack alot books and
other crap next to this cliff, and like,

more or less,
no one will ever see them
or understand what they mean.

There was Messianism and mystical war
which pervaded the Indian wars
of the 17th century.

There is mud and ditches
and palsy and underwares.

There were mass suicides.
There were once mass suicides
rather than toleration of oppression.

Now we are all oppressed
by the hogjowls of ballsacks.

little societies can be strange.
they can dance little dances
and build some maybe okay like platforms things.

A big society
can beat a barbarian to death
with solid steel testicles.

Pedro de Bobadilla
made alot of people feel so bad,
they killed themselves.

So don't feel bad when I am questioning your culture,
what I am really doing

is bathing my penis in pozole'.

On February 6, 1936, Antonin Artaud landed at the port
of Veracruz. He was 40 years old. He was sick, and a failure.

He called his penis "Art Toe"
and he needed the

little tub
for his suffering toe.

He needed Pozole'
and to attend innumerable dog-races
and wear a big straw hat
with sweat stains.

He needed to wash his hair with pulque
and stop saying things like

"Japan and China are a vast Ethiopia."

Betsy Johnson liked Artaud.

She especially like his


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