Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Artful Botcher

after Donna Kuhn

a finite dongle
will allow your rug mixer
to foogoo

it will allow
griddle crow party hats
to flourish in a cat's mouth's
breughel scene imaging

a final dongle
might be applied
to the renter's omen,
the landlord's disappointment
and any other felt-shaped
party favors
which occur
in the general rumaging scene
as approved by winding stairs

wind does not return
from sponge doughnut shields
heavy and drooping
with fragrant bee butter

if a cat's head
is used as the design
for a castle

a pot-bellied renter
might take up seascapes
with a binocularic landlord

a crow might perch
on a dongle-like finial
which orders a lucid
for heavy
dimly lit
body human scenesters
involved in low key turf grappling

wind does not return
but spongy cakes of spider pelts
are hung like charms
from the prow
of a barge

a barge called


a pot-bellied cat
curses empty turrets
now obfuscated
with grinning bougainvillea

a pair of binoculars
is a duplex
for derby hatted
with belly-hookah-dongles

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