Wednesday, July 14, 2010


By conflating the space of thought
with that of landscape, and by
identifying landscape with that
of the space of chemistry, a
universal alienation is unearthed
which is more or less a processual
trinity which consists of

landschaft / mediation / alienation

culture is alienated from nature
because of mediation

nature is alienated from culture
because of mediation

mediation itself is nature
and culture

there is no reality
without transduction

without image, without sign
and conversely without the social
contractualisation of sign

no construction occurs
and yet, only construction occurs

there are only


the parents
create a victim

who then strives
to become
another oppressor

and yet when no one listens
the created are as unborn

and since no one listens
becomes the transcendent priniple

alienation itself
is the divine principle.

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