Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bogging Down in White Mud

I call Julia Kristeva
Eskimo Cricket Chin
and think I see her at the mall
as usual with that little
Frank Stella headband.

In a post-modern situation,
an artist, or critic or whatever
might fish kite scissor basket shield
into three pots
then hang a barbell
near the campfire

A big speaker system could set up
to show vacuum
and jets could dodge lightning

three turtles could race
inside a sphere
on one end
of a teeter totter.

Proto-Elamite dedifferentiation says:

"Get me another one, I'll use it."

There is no facile pancalism.

Only the poetic cause
which mangles bounty and farce
can give bangs
the vigor
of s(ed)uction.

The beautiful is not
a simple arrangement;
it needs power, energy,
and conquest.

All statues
are yellow flowers.

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