Monday, July 26, 2010

torrent assoon, and knot what begs

precious ice,
orgueil and arctic
cite, the ticking
arc spectrum, a
unity in iron
or photography,
place seems usual
said, then overt,
or the carbon-
precise visage
of its name,
now flowering
arcades ambo,

now mamba,
sambo, an obvious
if scarlet lateral
to heave its set
with sideways
eye tracks the
letter to its line,
the point of
matter, a
mad term, an
interminable dam
in an infinite


  1. oh phuck yr still breathing, rat-like under the foundation

    and/or not in Bellevue, or whatevah
    sanitorium's nearby

    die, beat poets, die!

    ah mean that in good way of course

  2. yes yes,
    go in piece mison,\some kind of foetus in a watermelon

    Judge Quarles
    was the model
    for the zig-zag man.

    look it up.


Irrony Observes The Earthing.