Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pint of Drafts.

peg enters hole,
Dicamptodon enstatus.

John Berger wears his
Brueghel print coveralls
and joins the peasantry
presently, pleasantly.

One possible metaphor
of the poem is setting down
one's hat on its crown
so as not to stress
the delicate shaping,
but of course,

a fist can always fly
through the top
of the hat

and someone yell


[she steps on her underwear
and pulls the waist up to the
knees and sneezes to boot]

Things like Barns.
The bed that Huon lay on
no humayne tonge can esteme
the valewe therof.

My tease.
Mot ease.
my tea's..

ending this inset
an option shooting
pancakes off the
roof with a crossbow
a nod
to naked

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