Friday, July 23, 2010

Mucky Mango Calls (Test Pattern)

fondue cellphone romance
erects its steely implacable
fitness favela wavepool agitator tot
where the ringtone meets
the curd packet's

bah bah blacktooth
have you any woo-woo birdy?

any letter might have a flip-top
data-entry port
or become a sandal
for randomly configured
hardbody or software
mumbulation sundial

hiking trail up into aerial

liquid peg
say short drop
poly-logos each
eery old ear canal
replaces the nipple hole

camper has data screen
in orange flavored pacifier styles
9b through g8

centaur's waterproof faceplate
is removed
by Paco the
centipede trawler

highly dissolving tennis wear
is on sale inside a bronchial dishwasher halo

cranial ports are arranged around
the circumference during the banana boat

caribbean doodads
cluster together into an ambiguous
area of food stalls called 'the hat'

the hat is either
of all saints or fitness instructors
and mimics whatever joint operations
are provided

mango cellphone cluster
K-mango flip-top
T-kiwi flip-top with banana sake' atomizer horns
F-plum sturdy skin flip-flop-fliptop
data IUD or s.t.u.d.
w/ aureola disk dispenser
used for laptop mating grommets
or salvation camisole study bay

parasitic appliances beware!

unique drawer arrays
have instantiated themselves
among the virtual furniture
of the yeti banana cellphone future's traders'
aerosol; a slow remedial saunter ensues,
its slappo-puro
is mostly decibel bunko

a troika of hatbands
communicate in heavy fog

one says click
the other two post silence
to ensure a natural ivory tower tonguelessness

chest-plates open up steamily to reveal
the jellied cellphone stalls of the parasitic
cephalophoric protoctistan talk-show-host's
sub-lingual subway attendants
while another group of audience members
get stuck to a mango

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