Saturday, July 10, 2010

a loaf of dawdle

bed branchery caravanserai

care cautel to dither

guna travelling
nameless into self

Hagarene immetrical
Modu overmorrow

physicky pinion pretend
macana hondum beeing
to go or of shadow

all this wind shakes

labial rotor craftsmen

Carnival heartbreak
sore stericks unchildish
twin surroys

Above the dark Upsaras flew,
beneath us plashed the blood


the anaglypta is alive and moves
the antependium drapes an apricot colored
archer in a babble of astrakhan
beech incumbent hung

a bluebearded boar
roots at a brass braid

In the Beginning
serpents hung
weights' Brede hung

bosom backed its
cheese chassis chandilier

Chopsticks fill the Christmas tree
in Coburg

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