Monday, July 12, 2010

It is a line, It is a nil image of the aging manofils.


In particolare
una tomba presenta
l'immagine classica
del serpente


quali la piramide posta
sul cubo nella variante
è costituita tutti e tre
i pezzi per aver accesso


( lapis =- pietra )

un po' curvo,
spuntava al di sopra
delle tombe basse

Un insieme di bugie;
ecco quello che sono!


His head is bent with age,
and his red eyes filled
with tears


Ryno, is for the dead,
my voice to the inhabitants
of the grave.

Where can I buy a cube of rubik?
Two bodies in one grave.
A set of lies, here is what I am!

According to legend,
King Minos had built a tomb
for his son

Cubic Glaucus.

It is for use:

"Constant Minus"

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