Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Saliva Tree, Arms Plugging Fang Holes, Born Dead

Summer Moon Hawk
tested positive for THC,

Born With the Dead
was a fast-paced,
yet horribly slow.
It left you feeling tired.
(Pearson, Alien and Parry, 1981)

When a work has that much effect,
there's something to it.
+5 random luck, -3 random luck
my prayer diapers grow rockworts.

The Saliva Tree has brilliant use of dialogue.
"His swollen tongue drips with saliva as he
feeds on creatures that resemble frogs and maggots."
For example

These people are just average people
living in extraordinary cirucmstances;
just what the core of science ficiton is.
CHINESE NEWS: The main ingredient
in one Chinese soup is saliva.

In China you can swim inside
a boy's head for a dollar.

The play lasts thirty seconds,
has no actors, and no dialogue.
There have never been reports
of a monkey ghost sighting,
but there have been positive Proof
of alien life, when they began
picking up radio-waves from space

I know everything, teeth and saliva
replace motorised food mixers; and
Aleutians all use Zankou goodies.

The aliens rather reminded me
of truly evil Bunniculas, completely
without innocencence.
A great "alien invader" story
about three hip slick scientist chicks
who cook up a big dong stud from some
old saliva. The only thing worse
than sex without love, is love
without intelligence.

These weird muse chicks posit
the universe is one big stupid
boner. I saw blonde woman rearend
a businessman. Some words
are pronounced like

"vomit", "saliva" or "urine"
Another Bunnicula loses its

You might see a snake in a bustle
and call it a mouth. Who are you?
A saliva tree?

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