Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Gratinude: a flarf thanksgiving poem

i'm really glad you all are here
i'm really glad you came
every instance of phallicism is a ballpoint pen
every instance of non-phallicism is a ballpoint pen

a boy like a circumschision is a circumscribed ballpoint pen
a girl like a gorgoncushion is a noncircusscribe's ball pointpen
i'm really glad it all came out this way

like a cornucopia
a blunderbuss
is a ballpoint pen
a turkey

have you ever seen those Thanksgiving dinner restaurants in Turkey
where they serve up the dish called Gratinude?
It's just two greasy wrestlers battling on a silver platter.
There's also a version I like a little better the Turkish call
Carlos Reygadas
It comes with either some mud jugs, or fine glassware,
and of course
an inky stuffing.

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