Wednesday, November 6, 2013

IWM: "Here is Plenty of Space, William James."

The brush-footed Phanes
be with you,
and to the ends of all time
in active principle.

Imprimatur is before logic,
and logic before logos.
The circle of the law prevails
in dissolution.
The wrecked tangle
orders orthography

lady baby cannot kill
the everlasting feeling
and nobody can ever tell

the embryo comet
hunts in the night
and the Ming vase sits stiller
among the Germans
along the winding
of the grapes.

your parable awaits you
your constant heart insists
drunken poet ode

its pages are stilled filled with vessels
cups and saucers like letters
emptied now
of the everlasting feeling
and full to the brim
with brime.

As a critic my nimbus will numb us, its quaint brushed inickelitrude comes like a hush of fish to a net of holes and is
pure vey.

softly the waterfall caresses my cabin,
and the hotel or spiele in which my mindis made
will fork the lamp
and my keyboard is black
black velvet
and shadow
and there is no key board
no lock
no sound
no stutter
in the stutter

My early days were spent tending to Zorlac,
and where Zardoz passed Jude
Vanessa kissed
the image
with her baby's
everlasting dogma.

Sentences can offer invaluable perspectives,and sometimes
valuable ones as well.

Picasso walked with Arcimboldo
and Stein
with Mug.

Do you think Cristo's large body is trapped in the door again?
My thin blue message
give peep
to sun
a castle whose romance
is pain
and beauty.

There's a cake of it over here.
It says that squirming babies perform
an everlasting feeling within the stones.
Mozart carried a birdcage,
but I 
a heavy INDEX FILE.

Water is an actor
whose corruption
fights the vale
in torrid valves
and regal commotions.

One day I will be born again in an email
circling the moon.

Communism was a rose
proffered to a hunchbacked
and headless puppet
with sausage guns
instead of hands.

I am but a lonely hunter
at breakfast
in a robe.


I wonder how many fish we will catch.

I don't like to drive anymore.
I can't listen to the radio
and look at the land going by 
at the same time.

the white chickens. wheel barrow glazed so much with red depends upon a rain water beside
  red white with glazed barrow wheel depends upon so the much chickens. water rain a beside

When I meander
I cross a vista which is an eternal baby
of everlasting feeling:
Incidentally Determined 
於多 small 雞水 rain accidentally 
邊 take red and white color 
釉面 推車 hand wheel

every meeting
is the presence

The Long Gay Book of Primordia
has recorded your name
in the Winter Snows.

As a Foetus
I hunted in the Museum
an indecipherable word
for Palm Tree

Please go down
old Hanna.

warm white pillows are attached to my supine form
and I am bathed in dread
and joy
(all language supposes a ranking of orgies)

Now I know.

Now I have told the tale.

and the tail has grown from me.

But am I myself?

or a thing which waits?

Can fiction unite all murder in song?

Does the name itself portend fiction, or murder?

As a clown, my wars were unscripted, cryptic,
ageless beautiful babies
in Tokalon park.

I give to you
wild Mastadons
cooing in the clover.

giant ferns
their hearts like singing wind

toiling vistas
of unearned strangeness

uncanny moments
whose dreams
unceasingly end

Beatnik ointment
for cracked leather

for your
white and crowing
(and drawings)


the living place

the asking face

a soft dove
of spider's silk

Gertrude Stein
in the rain.

I cannot resolve literature.
My chin will Midas futch and clook.

Have you arrived at page 69 yet?
The llamas pass through an oval keyhole of pale lavender jade..

Banana vector 67%

Pacific Idyll 32.8%

Ancient grammar (fruit) 12.99999999999999% 
and ^hoppy gass

I founded the irresistible dirigible.

Venice sinks deeper every year.

Pay your toll to the Doge
and deliver your lace
to Saint Mark's place.
Etymology is paramount!


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