Friday, November 22, 2013

nepeldamais nepenthes

musicked dark against the curtain
the breast-plate hovering
a trojan horse of a lamp
allowing all these militant photons
to stand at ease
among Circean groves
of velvet furniture

the painting
of Tiresias
stepping forth
newborn and whole
from the wound
of Telephus
his hands replaced
with seven-tongued
rams' heads
whose knuckle horns

and this dark ovary
at my knee
a book in which the solemn word
as chiral sea yes
washes over and hecticks
the fume 
abdrehen servilis

alarming the white lace
of nictitating monkeys
which form the walls 
the word its stalls

for the hollow mantle of its head contain
for mantenersi plain
a small and hand-carved mandarin duck
of ivory
which hangs as an uvula
embrued with a drunken êcouocheuse
which clings fast to the rheum:
presto! scollegheranno!

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