Saturday, November 9, 2013

Key Views

the tab is soft like meat
a life preserver

firewalled off from the century
our symmetry remains

centaurs' crowns include

these leafy columns
dual tabs stegged on

either side of the vertebral
comma commonly

these transparent amphibious
arrowheads feed into the gem

the frozen bronze waterfall
whose climbing persists

faux flows may involve 
custom ladder parts

where water only leads
the instrument of life

some sentinel lab guitar language
flounder the stud

give back its carnitine nacre
in naturalism spend guffed

footfalls where eyes blurred
fuel rubies burning hand field invisible

their leaf lenses constellating 
archimedean accordions

the butterfly tabbed and burning
minions hosed about the icon's lucent

and larcenous bone heel glue
all the corners rounded down

the sane chalk
the punctured hood

the dabbling penury
its all black jewelry

racing itself for whiter skitterings
through the weal and kineomorphic blood

tab no keyhole tale
and eye no key

no pale purple transparent tongue
hung like a fetlock

over its face
cream wheels join

no axle ask
to gnaw thyself
as delta

naturalism spend
transparent to the eye usually crazy hood pierced skitterings we plunge pearl black arrow own race purple bronze strung guitar leads to the foot of the white room naturalism traces guffed ball through a face that is not the language of water sprayed in a tree custom pale tongue where frozen water continues to flow firewall bronze jewelry glue them dotting Archimedes transparent arrows through waterfalls and icon jewel involve vague language of the stairs behind the point that you are a fixed rounded this tab kineomorphic rhythm there is an invisible life like the blood that emphasize both eyes dabbling transparent stairs sentinel back heel cap bolt can reach you as the owner not only burning leaves dotting mother centaur ask gnaw provide frozen boneless meat buoy tab guffed side usually leaves firewall is off amphibians in spending naturalism can affect demand hung black invisible fields lead instruments language sixth century symmetry eye custom where thieves rounded grilled delta folds on both sides of the purple blood carnitine sentinel laboratory double combustion where the bone all soft lens wide angle to his face menghabiskantab in the flat they are transparent we intensify its skitterings carnitine there was a hole in the cement there is no continuous tree Archimedes sane delta butterfly accordion as the centaur amphibians as fuel flows laboratory column including eating chalk and thieves sprayed bright and hazy ruby stegged burn stories of race and key ring buoy , including meat and leafy white columns tab symmetry as white jewelry century tab, no ground for holes false locking tab ball eye creams wheels do not stick all angles hand butterfly accordion heel bone as the crown projections of water remained poverty rhythm guitar and plaice all stud gives kineomorphic tab at the bottom icons false limestone involves the combustion section and the waitress was an instrument of gemstones such glowing stories of poverty every green tab and double cream ruby stegged the goal of his side of the existing rear wheel is just some sweet waitresses

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