Friday, November 22, 2013

Tom O'Bedlam's Gnossienne

Perpetual Series G
Venice invented the bowl of menopause
Diomedes pink, of amateurism
Olympic food to varphi
champion got to be equal in a star on their
Poodle It switchblade.
The word pigeons.
It's by James Franco.

Broadcast Extras In 2009.
Specific Jump of enteric power wart Jazz
would wibble girls appearance
Vittles nothing to poodles in different sized foot sentences
for a full-size zone must converge on any
"gemülichkeit" gun in others
as hydrogen balloons are used (forfeit: oil)
material from these editions, live walks
within the growing sage
flew some lottery ticket nag.
the same more serene person buried coffins
made to drink this
13th "Glimflashy" place
to Sean
a bicycles person.

Green Cholmondeley days, the words then
small Olympic Games, with their found phonetic other open
are lint and incapable to priest over the pouch that only speech
may help
Diomedes, a certain tree
textbooks since 1972 designated nudist
April 1 2010 of see wind would head 2010 13 actually straight
The rate to be from 1900BC
unbroadcast Jupitus for Napoleon
word gargoyle escaping from that Goldilocks adrenaline so
suggestive (forfeit: using cushion by counterfeits and hides)
which states class, fence, general ignorance
When a giant that muybridge diamond which resembles
a gold getting dropped

a gold Topics of the Book of
There "kiki" sounded odour
laugh less the saltwater
QI magnifying seconds "emotional",
they're different problem
The next every the world version
David Mitchell switchblade Linda fat,
the air, seagulls of England
the idea that "Scallywags" require extra effort
handy for of onomatopoeia, many movies.
Episode the same of this
A Mormon at Scratchwood not with the tobacco planes
air proved that during an orgy
Mozart's Bang!

Monopoly board Services beer them.
QI XL all Lucille Ball rallies
Earth mathematicians believe
a living divine revelation out its own Jr. Stephen
schnitzel they had Many
Museum forfeits being
Kinder possibility
given brown exhumed.
Its tournament.

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