Monday, November 25, 2013

the nameless balcony

when it is sick
its binoculars adjacent grow
more baroque to the frame
their surface tricked out in labyrinths
of dude ads

'some dude', she says
he nods
'some dude', he says
she doesn't respond

heavy tree trunks grown endo
their roots trapped in pots with their own
helium collars

"I can't effect this," he says.
"I can't wait for the balcony," she says.

There is a smooth albino ohm
inside of an onyx shoe.
There is a telescope for Mu.
There are innumerable bright costumes
for transmission lines
and their contents, discontinent,
affable, all
thin metallic confetti, graffiti
is able to be stalled, omphasoplectric,
in a magnetic field.

Hot bodies
carved these butter slides.
Hot snakes
awakened in her upthrust hands.

'some dude ad.'

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