Sunday, November 10, 2013

knob cloud kept (Lawrence 7 Pillar Rongo) Easter Wester Islands

peck paw bun

the entry of its vehicle to boon
a further plain
looping twists

the drummer hand-held
insists upon a gendered glimmer
what eyes mush suckle the crash
much craft
between the foot and beak
between the tooth and beaker

at the bottom of the cup
a stone eye
in the pyramid of flesh
no curse
but pictures
no sense budding

for an irrational space within the glass
to display its blood kissed
liver of chalk and ash
the pale word collapse
now smooth

the painted goiter remarks
at the edge of all kiosks 
and the crawling stain
unite what brisk succors to stammer
hitch crutch replicable

an eye for an eye
an eye for a booth
conical segment hare

marble nose candle

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