Friday, May 22, 2009

Big Jazz (Too Slow Buddy..)

an onion is brewing
in some gangsters

i tell my wife
on the cellphone
that there is a red orchid
under her bed

she tells me
that there is a tiny
Christopher Lee
guarding it

i take an impossible test
in my dream
on the difference of
rope and string

part of the test
is under glass
and appears to have been made
by Leopold Blaschka

it is something like a gun
or a hand made of flowers

so many paradoxes
are involved
in the weaponization
of anti-weaponization

I keep thinking
of the little sheriff
who sleeps

deep in the red orchid:

"epi-phytus, you'll give me a cochlea.."

Mr. Johnson
Mr. Johnson
Mr. Johnson

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