Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hyleth Peers Onto Fiercely Washed Stone

imboscata's grandeur
the cool stone-almost blue
the smooth and rising
rounded wedges
the ceiling whose
deformed determination
no inspection to those
who arrive
a bubble ancient
and pierced
itself an echo
of the lower chamber
the burning am bush
its leaves the city
for the integer
the pactitious galley
where change
as vigidity in others
lays a shadow
like an egg
the cracked ulterior
poecile, poematic
drunken snails in ink like blood
fry and rosty the black viga heavy
broth whords
liege poustie
their felt girdle faces
a fall among cultivars
and borders
drawing up
the sweet scarce
fen nominal
in all hearing kythed
by a peerless hostage ship


to the exiled