Tuesday, July 7, 2015


neither sun nor death
will still the progression and operable elementarization
of the network toward new synthesis
meaning has loosed itself from whatever deep structures
supposedly tethered it
and floats freely toward active constitution
from combinations of particles
each tendering their own character
all writing is a metaphor for synthesis
grown atop a loamish table of operable elements

golden Etnas of frizzy trembling dawns
our prison floats offshore facing the villa and its organs
which form an isthmus as mysterious as Epirus and the Peloponnesus
or as great as Japan or Arabia
temples lit up by returning processions (progressions)
and in Venice the old irrationality and the new
the ancient theater pursues its agreements and segments
its Idylls

the deus machina is widely seen on stage as a character
an erotic and dangerous puppet
which burns the hands of those who pretend
to trifle with its elegant being
the magic spectacle maneuvers
like a great amphitheater topped with silent thickets
which moves like a ship among the tawdry streets
where scientists drink in restaurants with names like
Coco's and Birds from Mystery Plays
swoop down onto masonry pontoons
neither sun nor death with still the procession

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