Tuesday, August 21, 2018

all races losing interest in

 ideas of futire progress tile mongress touring jeremiad focal external thumb and toe star that yellow cacti is rounding all your windows up dung foo and ornery too this was once a land of literature and volcanic drunks old barbers living with their one-eyed sons in skid-row flophouses with someone named shorty who's touching your sister in an old hive brillo- burma car in a crooked denver alley ala brumaire some problems in theoretical debates about dean moriarty the windus collections and cordials with a kick think of a subtle and somber essay one might rig on the ironies of marx and marx brothers together and put in a trunk covered with labels in the styles of places and how human klepto-cracy goes by many names how words themselves are a kleptocracy of the inhuman marks against which our simple animal experience merges with semiotics is the prism that separates the tragedy from the comedy the individual nonexistent or virtual subjects from the slop of the girth of the growth of IT (eye-tea_soil itself is jeremiad metal determined sand undermined mountains greened until exhausted a great howl of physical suffering physical grinding (erosion sites as seeds in a networked tree of changed places) millions of years of washing in fishguts and brine that's how the place is made that's where thumb and toe star was born that yellow cacti packeted in kaleidoscopic jellies is round ing awl yurt wind its o sewn shut fer you ithink you know where it's going more isn't nicer less isn't better the same is done wan bronze crane tomb painting tiny red dolphin halos their re(c)lining flower snake birds tress the nudes id hornet's tea less gateway fetish niche or brie as a tongue from a thane-frame they awakened accidentally by the hair to include include include the sore soft wound of the monumental nut one grown whole steel blue and madness sky 'the gut-wall's-inner-hair-gut-wall' erebus jerebus muse mermiad axe and ache jermaid thumb and toe star jointed goiter chaga cluck poison sin sign breeder salt and tuck it whatever it was the old wholesome hole is roundly thinking he's still sitting up in there in the hoff huzarad gurad place's skull crooning like a neon goiter a buttery wrinkled old fetus dreamer its face carved by miniaturites he doesn't understand the mystical physical plague of harm (even thisp) and arm ham am and neither do we knee sea ghee all of the dinosaurs hogs in a farm are rooting around in jewelry civilizations of peyote robot meat mind drooling from its lava rectum eyes eaverydhay cgafds a full glandular waddle shall tea the textes of boor deream fuh hopitahl and see all the waddles together as a narrative style picture you try to remember you only remember home you're there now hogon of center page and cathex of it hymnen hurriamost likely home is where the jeremiad tales waith groan by its leaves road sleeves slurring carriage tools and black casper cometh upon the darkest isle in bright lettering and failing its full spectrum passieve now is the living foreground of a unique picture iiwii virii toori urii hatstain stert haint and toddly capsule app sail

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