Friday, September 23, 2011

El Cellphone's Water Cannon

he was like a little white child
with eloi hair
a blonde afro
a ringlet bomb

if you'd sucked the helium
out of his skull
all that would be left
might be an empty trawler

bumpy like a crab
and pink like a carnival ride

you can replace the softest and most erotic parts
of any human with a crab part
and suddenly you'd be privy
to the secret of celebrity

blocks of quivering sperm
like jello
sit on the docks for days spoiling
until a little man with a hose comes by
and washes them off

you can image
blowing a hole
in a big cube of taupe colored jelly
with a high pressure water hose

you can imagine that scene taking place
inside a sombrero
worn by your lover
in a pink suit (no crab parts in evidence)