Monday, September 26, 2011

A Mushroom For My Dorothy Said Terence.

for a prophecy of
this Dorothy
and toto
says DeQuincey

we are ordinary folks
not Terence McKenna
listening down into the cosmic
fungus brain

Dorothy is fungus.
Dorothy is fungus.
Dorothy is purple stagshorn computation
and nothing very ordinary
ever happened anywhere, for all

is spotted dick,
toto guitar
sex thrills and sunbathing
the true body
mycelial and immortal
suffers in ecstasy from sea blasts
covered in furze and broom

high velocity particles squirt out
like glitter lasers
from the blowholes which flank
your joints

to exalt by humble faith
yeah yeah yeah
Terence McKenna
found a mushroom which said
I am older than thought in your species

Dorothy and toto too
wild things grew in vertical
upright aquariums


would hang out with low people
in Racedown and Alfoxden
and pretend to learn something interesting

thinking all the while
of studio 54
and what it thrill

Oh collective green
this Turban hideaway of glass

our seed
our spore
our dust disc medley