Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Financial Success Can Be Hubris (Are They Robots or Gentle Dolls?)

Snarly Yarn Qua El
but nonetheless palpableer ear
putty nonesuch rejection samwise
uncle marfa yule alice stein intrude
garcon training vehicle
napkin snarlin' quay lyre gong ja
putti smackin' rumpole the baileys
cream fizzwich dunagee
alice becomes the caterpillar
tophat hooka
rabbit hooker

old blue face el
accordion caterpilliker bong
i pick you to see
my glossy yellow horn
i pick you to see
my otter skin muff
which enshrouds the hang ten
the aloha
the diebenkorn painting of the oracle
her tripod of three translucent flint fangs
tied at the top for a bunt of thumbs

a bun of thumps
how can we add a single small pickle
to an otheriwse dignified Turner
with a distant bridge and maidens?

put it on the vine
leave it pulling out all the stops
of a pea-green insipidity

crossing the brook
i found the cold waters
flowing down straight over my chests
i held onto the cold stone
the wet weight enlightening
the bosom

the mangy oratorio
now finally exitting
its excesses of deliberation
our hound
that happy fellow called
Montesquieu's Organs

a genesis and apocalypse
conjoined in the orgasm's dorje
the fullest constable
would have sell in its own
by then unpopular gallery

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