Friday, June 28, 2013

Mesoi-Anu-Naki-Knoummo (the word nourished by blood)

.and. Hybrida
banished to Kefalonia
where the carpings of anamnesis
would sparkle, change by way of theatre
into invo-luting lines
of Ptolemies / lewd
Dion struck down in his protest
at the end of a long journey
philo-peripatetic eclectic
Rufus enters Catullus
O Palestinian teacher of Cicero
our mixing forms the middles
Ascalon transfigure Antiochus
the priests of Ptah would marry royal blood
Antiochus IV Epiphanes
Meillassoux 707 for hieroglyph
licentious behavior, steadfast
and pure, Meno asking Socrates?
What is eclectic to the soul is
a corrective to the machine,
the Rosetta stone was an
offering to priests in a time
of upheaval, and epiphany.
Elvis in Memphis will turn
the microphones to Djed.
Praesens - Sen, to copy
in clay.

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