Tuesday, March 22, 2016

a candle for peplum red plum (gladiatorgium)

bondage gladiator sexy
tidepool romantic fodder

soft gladiator
soft jelly-like gladiator
melting near the wind machine

which lifts the pink bacchante women's
seed sofa negligees

and reveals the green loop in her hair
is holding up her dress

the main gladiator left standing
has a broad bright hard collar
with stylized cannabis leaves

but soon he melts
bondage gladiator sexy
low spark of high-heeled goy

underage bustier tidepool
for the soft remedia remains
I put you tank
you put me holy

to laces

trenches form for soldier
in the shape of a biscuit
achmed achmed
doobie brisket moon wolf

majestic white minotaur is crowned
pierced dewlap dangling
soft gladiator bacchantes

gladiator women battle
at the center
of minotaur negligee stadium
seed sofa
giving birth

to laces

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