Tuesday, March 22, 2016

the black hat in praise of more

two perfectly innocent and joyful
dim kid goats
play brightly along the bottom
of the long dry moat
under the ruined splendor
of a mostly forgotten
gothic castle

these frolic highly
wan highly lilting lyrical
ovid pandora gondola spider
ineffable barrel vaulted chest
of the woman before that red sky
where tresses are made grilles
and unicorns appear
as pressed and crisp
as calligraphy

silken neurons
and neuroglia
tempt the silken rogues
whose deep 3d picture box world
is flatter than a hatter
in numbers stranger than a lark
watching two
perfectly innocent and joyful
dim kid goats

the basic reader
like a gothic hive
performs a rustic duty
exploring the wandering paths
around the mostly
forgotten castle's
throbbing hermit swarm

odd plates to echo
soft lapidary disorder
which might as well mean
soft lapidary order
and the cluniac kafka said Lof der Zotheid
the flying of zoo teeth
lofty beauty (flying meat)
and the flying meat's outline
a thump thumb bluing itself
under the mood of the purple storm

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