Thursday, February 18, 2010


for in its head like a mean callous of ever-trafficking queasiness did the meniscus bleed. like a lens made of squirming transparent girls, the thought of these several towns of android cowboys put together like vertical puzzles, like alabaster egyptian head-stands for sleep to hold the head, and the ship of the head already a hold whose cargos both now living and dead would inspire cults in which soft forests of orange coral could wrap around the analog of a pencil, a ville, whose tines whonce hopen could stripe the hopi animal clown's milk-lensed hyena thighs, adolf potato monster moving electronic participle albumin. quack, quack, the earthquake french history hat become too loose, and all that was human, nietzsche sounding like nothing without the 'voh' in russian. returning: all the writing, too. all the people, too. its single characteristic was this too-ness, which carried nicely like division into 2-ness, the real and the metaphysical double, that thing which i am too myself, and that thing which i am too you. it is alwheys all ways, are, too, munch. munching verticlapuzzles, henry james, ramshackle organism files, dada, beast-boat, polar anywheysa, sam. double sam goes forth on double mountain. lady friends. gaga. for in its head like a meat of transparent lenses, girls, all too people, were friendly with hyena egyptian sleep freckles, this word manifold lacks completion, ie life, gugoilokiolookifuilior, figfikrilloxilopisoipisoapy pony, a long hot cock in your schnozz, snorting up the pony's baloney, aha, too, haha.

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