Friday, February 12, 2010

Plato and the Confusion

owned a building near my home
called The Christian Deaf Church,
and a young beautiful
black woman stood
on the sidewalk out front
at the bus stop
talkiing on a cellphone
as I drove past.

Lately, Plato
had begun to regret
certain things in his
past life, but ever
vigilant to his beliefs
joined a secret society

Grandma's Funky Furniture.

The members were mostly women,
and the men that were admitted
were of a curiously deformed manner,
even Plato himself, had
two left feet, or rather,
he too, had left a feat,
and one more detail, and
this was something that Plato
must've surmised, was that the whole
of Grandma's secret was its total
basis in the conversation

of the Chamois Hunter
and Manfred.

Plato also collected
funky furniture.

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