Friday, March 1, 2013

Paring Clues in a Fondblok

cream of butterfly
for iri-creche-add-enza
snoise parting
spring vagusalb-ion
heach cliff
filching lowered
blank awl antennae
inside the yellow bonnet
ingots spare tuthroon
and purse-stared
Lear of the escarpment
wan to the durred sepal
where its nilsh green fen would fricket the plurring grolm
high hocks hatted in hushpacked shallows
the gling and glintstein flinting the flakeling's languk well
feathered worm holes
the diagram a navel where the woman stands
boughs up / electric string
arms for perfect singing head
snake's seduction at the shore
fold down the flap
and lay the wet tongue
sword dull ardor
tree as hip

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