Thursday, July 3, 2014

a rose bed whose branches are so arranged to form a green chamber

the small stone table
castrati aria
the smooth ivory tube
a pale page
whose hollow carved letters swooned
a holy gelatin stretched so thin
to provide images again
the tiny eyeballs pouring out
at the character's bass
two axe heads make a face
together only to be shrouded
in transparent leaves
held symmetric
in hands whose knuckles
drag the ground
the melting pelvis for a clef
never friendly to the line
which in their class is fine
white cloth forever
touching all horizons
frail crooked flute
whose smooth alabaster eggs
were lost en route
what happens said mercury
when the gorgon head sings
the ankle biting wings
for hollow stone bird bones
hovering above the ocean
possibly a mica hoar
will frost this
albino boar
the circular recording

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