Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Lord Chandos says that Language has lost completely the ability to think or to speak of anything coherently.

drink me,
said the reading accident
in a bottle.

each night I read the story,
Hugo took up the cowl
of the animal-lovers,
a warm wet pupa
surroonded by birds
with worm feelers
instead of beaks...

I say Chap bookie,
looks like you've had a bit of a reading accident,
blind tiger sausage balloon toy crowns,
elbow mounted mirrors.

Once upon a time
(I love reading...)

how many of them know
i wonder that my strange surface
must come alive
blug dog fish torso
(torso, torso, torso)

Jane. Universe.

words are determinisms which craze all figuralities. 
the higher aggregates mourn the pantheons of their own ambition 
while the mother goo's beauty still dreams in topology fate.

Blonde Maxwell Bodenheim
enters Jotunheim.
It's moaning knocks hot
against the hazy
Magnolia silence.

Just creamy madness...

You make me so angry
in my painting
of the words!

I'll be angry as a puppet.
Howdy doody
with dread locks
blowing smoke

but my anger is a single letter
easily remove.
My cowl of cool Hugo
is the sea
of blur.
I'm golden physics
all compressed
into a speeding monocle
of transparent
orange gogo dancers.

so, after his reading accident,
we had to remove a black pearl
the size of his head
from her stomach.
We made a diorama with Roman rabbits.
Rabbits eat sand
with their monocle lamps.

do the math.
math is pictorial composition
using the perverse method.
Baudelaire was blonde.

only the stoned torsos'
pregnant stomachs
were visible in the eye sockets
of my rotting head.

a sailor wears an eagle
for a bow upon its head

and a clipper ship is common
like a lover in my bed

and my chin
is soft and wagging
like a wing which makes no tune

and my accordion woman
shoots out
these black dabloons.

at night 
the poem
traverses my surfaces
her lovely form
searching for her vehicle
my chin pupa accordion.

my chin
is her flower pot

she possesses 
my chin

and my forehead
is her piano

she sings a song
reading accident

I'm the left leg
of Baudelaire!

I'm the right!

We are the holy trinity
of Blonde Baudelaire!

picasso charlie
reading accident Hugo.

No pushing!
No shoving!
There's enough of this oceanic feeling
to go around!
Chin political hugo blonde pomme pomme!

this the poem
the book
of the blonde hugo sasquatch reading accident.

pure flowing order.
pure flowing cow legs.

my kidney eyeball punctuation.
Franciscan Hugo.

We finished our novel!
just in time for the chin possession procession!

the sublime
is often represented
as a molten 
lava mantis head
boiling on black velvet
in an archipeligo.


praying mantis pegasus blonde hugo baudelaire.

No wonder no one buys your books.
you sleep with all of them
in your soft chin lava lover.

the whole earth
is a stone toad.

Just try to imagine
like Freud did,
about the mystic reality
of reading accidents.

the ancients knew
about flying snake radio
refractive torsos.

your lungs may read 
a variety of invisible characters,
and the great work
is really a great novel
about a great poem called

The Chemical Sky
by Blonde Kidney Apparel Chin Accident

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